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Theological books

Theological books

The meaning of Theology in the Orthodox Faith is completely different from the one taught by any religious-philosophical theory of the supernatural. It is not simply a word about the divine, but it is the real and true teaching about the only God, Who originates from Himself and is given to the purified person through the illumination of divine Grace. And so, every teaching of the Church is theological, even if it is expressed in a most simplistic way. The category of 'Theological books' also includes books which pertain to matters of particularly deeper meaning and dogmatic content or papers of scientific significance.

Athanasios Frangopoulos
13.00 €
Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos Size: 21 x 14 Pages: 435
15.00 €
Hieromonk Gregorios. 10x14.5, Pages: 60
4.90 €
Hieromonk Gregorios. Size: 10X14.5 Pages: 63
4.90 €
4.90 €
Hieromonk Gregorios. Size: 10X14.5 Pages:55
4.90 €
Hieromonk Gregorios, Koutloumousiou monastery, Mount Athos
27.50 €
Out of stock
Hieromonk Gregorios, Koutloumousiou monastery, Mount Athos
16.50 €
From the 12-year correspondence of Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) with Father Alexey Young. Paperback, Pages: 336
25.00 €
Out of stock
Contemporary "After-Death" experiences in the Light of the Orthodox Teaching
19.00 €
Out of stock
According to the spoken teaching of Father John Romanides. (344 pages)
23.00 €
According to the spoken teaching of Father John Romanides. (456 pages)
24.50 €
Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos. (205 pages)
12.20 €
“A Visual Catechism” is a book written in an original way, which offers essential information to young children and those wishing to come to the Orthodox Church. (112 pages)
15.00 €
Rev. Antonios Alevisopoulos. Th. D., Ph. D. (139 pages)
11.80 €
By Nikolaos P. Vassiliadis. How will the resurrection of the dead come about? What will the nature of the resurrected bodies be? (592 pages)
30.00 €
This book contains theological analysis and commentary on the subject of the mystery of death and the life which follows after death. (388 pages)
21.70 €
Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos, Orthodox Psychotherapy The science of the Fathers. (390 pages)
20.80 €
Bishop of Nafpaktos Hierotheos. (100 pages)
7.80 €
This book presents the life, work and teaching of St Gregory Palamas as they relate to his identity as a monk of the Holy Mountain. (400 pages)
22.00 €
An introduction to the twelve feasts and Orthodox Christology. (396 pages)
27.80 €

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