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The Light of the World

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George Kordis

The Light of the World

Pictorial solace with icons of saints of Mount Athos.

Bilingual book


Size: 25 Χ 20
Pages: 112
ISBN: 978-618-82272-2-4

It is clear, on confronting Kordis' paintings, that color is fundamental to his art. He loves color, and his technique of mixing a spectrum of hues from just three or four pigments produces effects akin to the tender, tertiary tones that characterize the most sophisticated phases of Byzantine art. But color is not just effect; it is foundational. It fills the picture surface with a spatially indeterminate but visually responsive ground as alive the gold-ground icons of the past. Against this, the representational forms, too, are all color-as Kordis says, "Byzantine forms are color; they don't just have color." Byzantine viewers understood this, as is seen in the words of Nikolaos of Andida that: "...there is a third confirmation that [the things which are accomplished in the Liturgy] also represent the whole of His saving coming and economy for us... What is it? It is the erection of the holy images by means of colors."

Colors are the substance of images. Because the colors are frequently highlighted, art historians have said that Byzantium uses light as color.9 But light modifies form; it is color that establishes it, from the proplasmos up.

(Annemarie Weyl Carr, from the publisher)

- Greeting of Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomeos

- Greeting of the Holy Community of Mount Athos

- Greeting of the Mayor of Thessaloniki and President of the Board of the Mount Athos Center Mr Yiannis Boutaris

- For George Kordis

Annemarie Weyl Carr
University Distinguished Professor of Art History Emerita
- Icons of Prayer

Thanassis Semoglou
Professor of Byzantine Archaeology and Art School of History and Archaeology, AUTH
- George Kordis's Hagiorite Saints: The Ten Frontal Icons

Judith Wolfe
Senior Lecturer in Theology & the Arts University of St Andrews
- The Light of the World

Pictorial solace with icons of saints of Mount Athos

George Kordis

- Presentation of icons

- Curriculum Vitae of George Kordis

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