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Anxiety, How it is created and how it is healed

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Arch. Symeon Kragiopoulos (†)

Anxiety, How it is created and how it is healed

Transcribed homilies of Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos (†)


Pages: 72
Size: 21 x 12
ISBN: 978-960-7407-85-6

Anxiety departs with trust in God 7
People create their problems by having the wrong attitude before God 7
You turn the knife that wounded you 9
Trust God as a small child trusts its father 11
What you need to give to God is yourself 13
The major problem with people today is that they cannot be alone with themselves 15
God stoops down over you and wants you to be sanctified 17
If you take the path towards God, as bitter as the cup seems, it begins to become sweet 20
Godly sadness nourishes and enlarges the soul 24
Only the present exists 28
The secret is for a person to love God 32
Anxiety comes from the struggle between good and evil 34
When does a person who is contending in the spiritual life suffer psychologically? 35
Each of us has our own psychosomatic system 38
The seeking of sinful pleasure for self-validation 41
The repression of the experience of guilt 44
How a person reaches a state of callousness 48
The three ways in which a person can react afrer they sin 52
What St. Porphyrios says about confronting anxiety 56
'I go to Christ'  56
Make a new beginning every day 59
Give no importance to how you feel 61
What does it hurt you to trust God? 65
I can attest to this... 67

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