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Books about the lives and teachings of modern day Elders

In this category, visitors of Greek Orthodox books can find many books describing contemporary holy figures of Orthodoxy. For the Church the Elders are living testimonies which prove that Christ's Church has never ceased and never will cease to accomplish its unique and wondrous work, which is to renew sinful man and render him holy! On many occasions modern man, weary in a multitude of ways, has been consoled, upheld, healed, even fundamentally renewed by Elders who are rich in the Grace of the Holy Spirit. Let us draw near to them so that we can receive from the peace which they project, and let us be taught by their wise most words and their sanctified lives.

by Hieromonk Isaac. (Hardcover, 720 Pages)
29.00 €
21.00 €
Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia. (soft cover, 123 pages)
6.00 €
by Elder Paisios of Mount Athos. (210 pages, 14X20)
12.50 €
The saintly life of a contemporary Athonite ascetic and hesychast (+ 1998). (327 pages)
16.90 € 14.37 €
Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi (216 pages)
11.20 €
Fellow ascetic of Elder Joseph the Hesychast. (208 pages)
11.50 €
14.95 €
Bousias M. Charalambos DR. (Hard Cover, 276 Pages)
26.95 €
Out of stock
As they were heard, as they were seen and lived by some of his spiritual children
12.95 €
15.50 €
21.00 €
21.00 €
21.00 €
21.00 €
5.50 €
From almost the dawn of the 20th century until the day of his dormition, May 8th, 1980, the ever- memorable Elder Philotheos was... (240 pages)
10.00 €
Out of stock
Paternal counsels vol. 2. (64 pages)
3.00 €
From the Life an Teaching of Father Epiphanios. (224 pages)
9.50 €
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