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Father Porphyrios: The discerning, the foreseeing, the healer

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Anargyros J. Kalliatsos


The discerning, the foreseeing, the healer

Our monastery thanks again Mr. Anargyros J. Kalliatsos, who had the kindness to transfer to us the copyright of his lovely book, Father Porphyries, the Discerning, the Forseeing, the Healer, for the fifth edition. The book has already been translated in Russian, published in Greece, and it is going to be printed in Russia as well. Its translation in English will also be ready soon. In a charming, personal style, Mr. Kalliatsos informs us about many events of the ever memorable father Porphyries' life. He had personal knowledge of those events, and thus, he helps us enter the space of his secret experiences and understand the salvific teaching of our holy Church. Behind the lines of Mr. Kalliatsos' personal writing, there is a precious treasure of father Porphyries' teaching and advice, very beneficial to all of us. So we were happy to undertake the republication of this book, and now, we present it to you in the hope it helps you in your spiritual life. May father Porphyries speak to each one of us through the lines of this book and tell us what is useful and beneficial to our souls.



English Language

Size: 14x20

Pages: 182
ISBN: 978-960-6890-01-7

Prologue to the fourth edition 11
A few words about the fifth edition 13

As a Prologue

A short biography of father Porphyrios 17
Our first acquaintance 19
The first miracle 21
Nineteen treatments of radiation 22
God exists 23
An operation without anaesthetic 24
The priest's well 26
The range of Papouli's prayer 29
The book of saint John of the Ladder 34
He foresaw his mother's death 38
Your father was right 39
The appointment for prayer 40
The bright star 42
The Holy Unction and the X-Ray examination of the attendants 43
Father Porphyrios reads my brother-in-law's thoughts 46
"You are not going to America" 48
The Epitaph and the neurotic priest 50
How Divine Liturgy was officiated 52
"You will go to Kamena Vourla in vain. Your mother will not have any baths." 54
Father Porphyrios healed me from iridocyclitis
He foresaw my father's death 58
My mother's death and father Porphyrios' phone call
Sorrows do not come as single spies but in legions 66
The biggest and best mansion! 67
The postrations and the abdominal muscles 68
The present for my name day 70
The cross with the Precious Wood 71
The example of obedience 78
The dead daughter of the priest 80
"The girl will be well, get married, and have two children" 82
Papouli reads the mind of the witnesses and reveals the two operations of a man 83
Papouli tastes the underground water 88
The healing of the little boy and the check 92
An immediate intervention of father Porphyrios 95
Father Porphyrios the nutritionist!
The healing of the student suffering from cancer 99
The oil lamp of life 102
The man who had a bath after eighteen years! 103
The child of prayers 106
Parents and children 108
"I don't love you! Go away, and don't ever come back!" 111
The night visit 116
The sketch of the Holy Convent and the return of the prodigal son 120
Insistence and the bottle 124
Father Porphyrios acts like a local anaesthetic
Father Porphyrios was watching our prayers
The empty tank pours out petrol! 135
Father Porphyrios' books and preferences
The appearance of saint Gerasimow 137
The loss of the handbag and the honest taxi driver 138
Father Porphyrios at the Caravel Hotel
Father Porphyrios and the snakes
Father Porphyrios and the thunderbolts
"If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you" 146
"Pray for those who hate us and those who love us" 148
"My Lord, raise my soul paralysed in all sins" 149
The last appearance 155
The last meeting and the last kiss 156
Father Porphyrios' last words
The first miracle after his passing away 160
Father Porphyrios' troparion
Father Porphyrios' farewell letter to his spiritual children

APPENDIX I: Letters - Reviews


APPENDIX II: Father Porphyrios' Photos


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